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On Dream Boards in Microsoft's Minesweeper
by Tim Kostka

3BV: 2
3BV: 2
Dream Boards on Beginner
Out of the 50,000 some boards in the Beginner board cycles, there are absolutely none with an unmodified 3BV of 1. There are a few that can have a 3BV of 1 if the user clicks in the exact right spot (TLM occurance) and these are discussed in the one-second bug article. There are two boards with an unmodified 3BV of 2 and ten or so with an unmodified 3BV of 3. The term unmodified is used here to denote a board that has been changed by one mine due to the user's first click. The two unmodified 3BV 2 boards are on the right.

Dream Boards on Intermediate
The two cycles in Intermediate produce around 25,000 unique boards, the most popular of which is the Dream Board with a 30 3BV rating. The board got its name since so many people got their best time on it. It may come as a surprise to learn that there are 6 boards with under the DB's 30 3BV rating. Here's just a few of the low 3BV boards.
The Dream Board (3BV: 30)3BV: 27
3BV: 303BV: 31

Dream Boards on Expert
Expert has an extremely large board cycle (at least over 300,000), so there isn't a "Dream Board" like in Intermediate since the same board never pops up enough. Out of the 300,000 expert boards I went through, the lowest and highest 3BV were 97 and 268, and here they are:
3BV: 97
3BV: 268
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