Minesweeper: The Trouble with Random Boards Dec 18, 2003
Randomness makes Minesweeper replayable but it also makes the game simple. This article highlights the problem and proposes some solutions.

Minesweeper Cascade Algorithm Nov 24, 2003
The Minesweeper cascade algorithm uncovers mine-free areas on a Minesweeper board. The algorithm is fairly neat and a good exercise in recursive thinking.

Minesweeper First Click Behavior Nov 30, 2003
Ever wondered why Windows Minesweeper never uncovers a mine on the very first click? The Windows Minesweeper moves any mine uncovered on first click to a different square of the board.

Minesweeper Identical Boards Problem, Part III Oct 24, 2003
The occurrence of identical Minesweeper boards suggests that Minesweeper records are unlikely to improve, as everyone is playing the same boards over and over again.

Minesweeper Identical Boards Problem, Part II Oct 05, 2003
Occurrence of identical Minesweeper boards is not just a consequence of poor board generation, but is related to playing habits as well.

Minesweeper Identical Boards Problem, Part I Sep 30, 2003
Many people have reported identical Minesweeper boards. The culprit seems to be poor board generation, but there is more to this than meets the eye.

Minesweeper Advanced Play Sep 28, 2003
Minesweeper gameplay has more depth than you think, read on to find out more.