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Mines - Game Overview

Mines was written for RISC OS 3 by Julian Pickering.

The minefield is a grid of squares containing some mines, the size of the minefield and the number of mines depends on the difficulty level:

Easy: 10 by 10 with 10 mines

Medium: 15 by 15 with 45 mines

Hard: 20 by 20 with 80 mines

Clicking SELECT on an unrevealed square will reveal it's contents, either a mine (in which case you have been blown up and the game is over), a number from 1-8 (the total number of mines in the 8 adjacent squares), or a blank (no mines in any of the adjacent squares). Use your skill and judgement to deduce the location of each mine without getting blown up. Once you have found a mine, click ADJUST on the square to mark it with a flag. When all of the mines are marked in this way, you have won the game and may qualify for a place on the best times table.

There is no chording and there are no openings so you must open every cell. The best 3 scores per level are saved. The game has scrollbars as the game can be larger than your screen.

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Mines 1.00 - About Box
Mines 1.00 - Hard level
Mines 1.00 - Highscores
Mines 1.00 - Lost medium game
Mines 1.00 - Menu


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RISC OS1.0019951995-04-01About Box


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Julian PickeringWritten byDocumentation

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