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Mine Hunt


  • Year
  • Strategy
    Flag Mines AND Clear Mines
  • Platform
    RISC OS || 3.1

Mine Hunt - Game Overview

Mine Hunt was written for RISC OS 3.10 in 1993 by Michael Ellis.

The difficutly levels are Beginner (8x8 with 10 mines), Intermediate (16x16 with 40 mines), Expert (30x16 with 99 mines) and Impossible (30x16 with 160 mines). You can also play custom and the game saves your best time for the four levels. You chord with a left click and place flags or questionmarks with the middle button. Unlike Windows Minesweeper, chording ends the game if the incorrect number of flags are placed.

Mine Hunt has four cheat modes. "Easy Start" makes the first click safe, "Safe Region" prevents you losing iwhen you chord but there are not enough flags, "Auto Click" will chord automatically when the correct number of flags are placed while "Show Region" draws a red rectangle around the cells adjacent to your cursor.

Version History

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Mine Hunt 1.02 - About box
Mine Hunt 1.02 - Highscores
Mine Hunt 1.02 - Lost Intermediate game
Mine Hunt 1.02 - Menu
Mine Hunt 1.02 - Win box


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RISC OS1.0219931993-09-14About box


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Ali CurlingUse of her computerDocumentation
Caroline WilsonFinding a bugDocumentation
Guttorn VikStrongEd II text editorDocumentation
Jason WilliamsDeskLib WIMP routinesDocumentation
Michael R. EllisWritten byDocumentation
Simon LockhartSuggestions and ideasDocumentation
Warren DayGame ideaDocumentation

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