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Minesweeper - Game Overview

Minesweeper was written for RISC OS in 1994 by Stefan Bellon.

You can select a grid size between 10x10 and 40x30 and there are 10 difficulty levels applied to the grid. However, there are 5 default levels (with 6, 27, 72, 180 and 360 mines) and your best 3 scores are saved for each level.

There are two playing modes. The standard Minesweeper mode requires you to flag all mines and open all cells. The "Mission" mode requires you to "walk" from the top left corner to the bottom corner while avoiding brick walls and collecting soldiers. Since you are walking you can only open adjacent cells. To simplify coding you cannot walk diagonally.

To make the game work on Iyonix machines delete all lines in the !Run file that refer to the sound modules EXPLOSION and WellDone then find the two occurrances of EXPLOSION and WellDone in !RunImage and replace the string EXPLOSION and WellDone with the strings 9 and 1 respectively.

Version History

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Minesweeper 1.20 - Options
Minesweeper 1.20 - Lost Mission game
Minesweeper 1.20 - Lost Expert game
Minesweeper 1.20 - Highscores
Minesweeper 1.20 - About box


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RISC OS1.14199xDocumentation
RISC OS1.2019991999-04-09Website


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Stefan BellonByDocumentation
Stefan BellonAuthorAbout box
Stefan BellonByDocumentation

Game Links

Dead sites are often available at archive.org.

  • http://www.sbellon.de/sw-games.html

  • https://groups.google.com/g/comp.sys.acorn.games/c/yRpMe9Cnw0U/m/zX7w0P7xYeYJ
    Bellon posted instructions on 2004-04-21 for making the game work on Iyonix machines.

Entity Links

Dead sites are often available at archive.org.

  • sbellon.de/

  • tick.informatik.uni-stuttgart.de/~bellonsn/