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  • Year
  • Strategy
    Flag Mines
  • Platform
    RISC OS || 3.10

CrazyMine - Game Overview

CrazyMine was written for RISC OS 3 in 1994 by Andrew Gerrard.

"This is Crazymine version 0.01, and that's as high as the version number is likely to get. Hence, it's not very well written, it's very slow, and may not be worth playing on the older machines. But it's different, and that's the aim."

The game uses shapes with 4 to 7 sides instead of squares. You choose a number of cells then flag (turn the cell red) or questionmark (turn the cell orange) and you win when all safe cells are opened and mines are correctly flagged. There are no highscores and you can lose on the first click.

The author also wrote Stormsweeper and 3-D Minesweeper for RISC OS.

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CrazyMine 0.01 - Gameplay
CrazyMine 0.01 - Options screen
CrazyMine 0.01 - Lost game
CrazyMine 0.01 - Win screen
CrazyMine 0.01 - Acorn User magazine review December 1995


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RISC OS0.0119941994-12-20Documentation
ZIP (ArcFS)English


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Andrew GarrardByDocumentation

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  • https://archive.org/details/AcornUser163-95Xmas/page/n65/
    Game review in Acorn User magazine December 1995.

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