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Welcome to the Minesweeper game world rankings! Learn how to play Minesweeper and download the game.

World Ranking
World Rankings

The Minesweeper world rankings are leaderboards of best times. The current world records are 1 second for the Easy level, 8 seconds for Intermediate and 29 seconds for Expert. Join the rankings and upload videos using the official Winmine clones Minesweeper Arbiter, Minesweeper X and Viennasweeper.

Strategy guide
Strategy & Cheats

Want to learn how to play Minesweeper? You can beat Minesweeper by learning tips and tricks such as chording and pattern recognition. Check out the list of Minesweeper cheats to understand why the Windows version is no longer accepted for world rankings.

Game downloads
Game Downloads

Download the original classic game from Microsoft or more than 100 minesweeper games!

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Read about the history of the game and visit websites in the archive. Did you know you can win a million dollars playing Minesweeper? Check out the math section.