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Bombs - Game Overview

Bombs was written in 1991 for Macintosh by Christer Ericson.

The game uses a countdown clock instead of a timer. You choose a game from 10x10 to 26x15 and select a difficulty level (Easy, Moderate, Difficult, Impossible). Instead of a timer there is a countdown clock and you are given more time if you select more mines and bigger grids. Your score is the number of seconds remaining multiplied by 1 for Easy, 2 for Moderate, 10 for Difficult and 25 for Impossible. The highscore list saves your best 10 scores ranked by points.

The options menu lets you select how to flag and chord. For example, you can choose [SHIFT] left click to flag and [COMMAND] left click to chord. Incorrect mines are marked with an X. There are no questionmarks. An interesting option is to add "debris" to the field. It is also possible to have multiple copies of the game open and take turns playing each game.

Version History

A list of all known versions sorted by platform then version. Email admin@ if you have more! See the Downloads section for available files.

Macintosh2.1Added colour and updated instructions.
Macintosh2.2Final release.
Macintosh3.0Unpublished version.


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Bombs 2.2 - Win box
Bombs 2.2 - Options
Bombs 2.2 - Lost moderate game
Bombs 2.2 - Lost moderate game
Bombs 2.2 - Highscores
Bombs 2.2 - Colour (fandom.com)
Bombs 2.2 - About Box
Bombs 2.2 - Help file


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SIT (Stuffit Archive)English
DSK (Disk Image)English


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Christer EricsonByUsenet post
Bit by Bit ProductionsCopyrightAbout Box
Christer EricsonCopyrightAbout Box
Christer EricsonByUsenet post

Game Links

Dead sites are often available at archive.org.

  • https://classic-mac.fandom.com/wiki/Bombs
    Wiki page about Bombs.

  • https://www.macintoshrepository.org/6672-bombs
    Archive page about Bombs.

Entity Links

Dead sites are often available at archive.org.

  • http://www.cs.umu.se/~christer/
    Christer Ericson homepage.