Minesweeper Links

'Beyond Tetris' - Minesweeper

Game Set Watch article from 2007 with a detailed history of old games similar to Minesweeper and a quick introduction to 3BV and World Rankings.

The most successful game ever: a history of Minesweeper

Techradar article from 2009 with a short history of Minesweeper in Windows and a discussion of the "Winflower" controversy.

The little-known world of competitive Minesweeper

Second Person Shooter interview in 2011 with Aryeh Draeger (1-11-46) about the Minesweeper Community.

Every step you take: The story of Minesweeper

Eurogamer article from 2014 interviewing Ian Andrew (who wrote Mined-Out in 1983), Curt Johnson (who wrote PM Mines in 1989) and Damien Moore (who created Authoritative Minesweeper in 2000) about the history of the game.

Minesweeper: Advanced Tactics

Detailed analysis of a difficult board.

Minesweeper Agent

Statistical analysis of five different approaches to solving Minesweeper.

Expert Minesweeper Strategies

Introduction to common patterns.

How to Player Minesweeper Like a Pro

Introduction to Minesweeper strategy by Kamil Murański (1-8-32) in PC World magazine.

China Ranking

The China Ranking has over 20,000 members and an active community.

Richard Kaye's Minesweeper Pages

Kaye famously published "Minesweeper is NP-Complete" in 2000 and his homepage includes several Minesweeper papers.

Ian Stewart on Minesweeper

Stewart explains how it is possible to win $1 million by efficiently solving Minesweeper.


Biological version of Minesweeper using genetically engineered Escherichia coli as mines.


Online tournaments using the official version Viennasweeper. Register to compete or host tournaments.

Chezpoor Java Minesweeper

Online java minesweeper game written in 1997 with over 100 million games played.

World of Minesweeper

Online version with monthly rankings, in game purchases, hidden treasure and quests.

Minesweeper X

Homepage of official version MSX. A special feature is the "Minesweeper Bugs & Oddities" section.


Popular version combining nonograms and Minesweeper.

Microsoft Minesweeper

The official Minesweeper game in the Microsoft Store. Free download for Windows and XBox.

Microsoft Minesweeper (Facebook)

The official Facebook page for Microsoft Minesweeper with daily "Adventure Mode" challenges.

Microsoft Minesweeper

Wikipedia page for Microsoft Minesweeper.

Minesweeper Video Games

Wikipedia page for the minesweeper genre.

Minesweeper - The Movie

CollegeHumor video with over 10 million views.

Kamil Murański Official

YouTube video channel of the fastest player in history.