Minesweeper Strategy - Tips

Minesweeper Tips

Here are some more tips and tricks!

  • Open the game menu and untick the option to use Questionmarks. Now you can remove incorrect flags with one click instead of two clicks.
  • Instead of using the smiley face or game menu to start games, use the [F2] button. Keeping one finger on the keyboard is the fastest way to start games.
  • If you accidentally click onto a mine you can slide the cursor onto a safe square before releasing the mouse button.
  • Ignore the timer. Looking at the clock wastes times and makes you nervous.
  • Look with your eyes not your mouse. New players follow their eyes with the mouse cursor.
  • Players who flag should practice NF to make switching between styles for efficiency an automatic decision without pausing.
  • Play custom games with more mines to practice your solving skills. Your speedplay will benefit from improved pattern recognition.
  • Occasionally play as fast as possible without caring about mistakes. Pushing your speed boundary improves your average speed.
  • Play in a warm room and heat your hands. This increases blood flow and reaction time.
  • Take breaks and exercise. This increases blood flow and reaction time.
  • Listen to music to distract your brain. Reducing conscious thinking saves time and reduces mouse handling errors.
  • Buy an ergonomic mouse that fits your hand and avoid resting weight on your wrist. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome has forced many great players to retire.
  • Open your mouse and clean the lint off the rollerball...if you still live in the 1990s!

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