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Here are some links to more strategy articles! Most of these sites are hosted in our website archive.

Minesweeper Guide (1992)
First mention of the 1-2-1 and 1-2-2-1 patterns.

Minesweeper (1992)
Lowenthal wrote a 117 page book on Minesweeper strategy!

Minesweeper Page (1996)
Short introduction to the rules of the game and a brief mention of NF style.

Minesweeper For Beginners (1996)
Introduction to logic with an early mention of random guessing and a recommendation to start in the middle.

Hall of the Minesweeper (1996)
Basic gameplay and the 1-2-1 pattern.

Minesweeper Tips (1997)
Detailed examples of 1-1-X and 1-2-X with a brief mention of reduction ("equivalency").

The Minesweeper Page (1997)
Detailed guide with many examples of patterns, reduction, basic logic and guessing strategies.

A Mathematical Introduction to the Game of Minesweeper (1997)
Theorems and notation for the 1-2-1 pattern and its reduction ("Relative 1-2-1 Theorem").

Minesweeper Strategies and Tactics (1999)
List of tips with some guessing strategies and a discussion on how to play efficiently.

Minesweeper Strategy (1999)
Short introduction to basic gameplay with an early mention of NF style.

Minesweeper Advanced Tactics (1999)
Detailed analysis of global probability.

Intermediate Hall of Fame (2001)
Introduction to patterns and reduction ("hidden patterns") discussing efficiency and guessing quickly.

First Click (2002)
Detailed analysis of opening size and probability for each Minesweeper level.

Minesweeper Advanced Play (2003)
Theoretical reasons for openings being more likely in the middle of the board.

The Minesweeper Handbook (2003)
Basic gameplay including 1-1-X ("partial determinism") and efficient chording.

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