Minesweeper Statistics

Minesweeper statistics!


Purpose is to measure board difficulty. 3BV is the minimum number of left clicks required to win the game. Each opening is one click and each number that does not touch an opening is one click. The full title is Bechtel's Board Benchmark Value.

[ 3BV / Time ]

Purpose is to measure solving speed.

[ log (3BV) / log (Time) ]

Purpose is to measure solving speed.

[ Time / 3BV/s ]

Purpose is to measure level of solving skill. RQP increases with faster scores and higher solving rates. The full title is Rapport Qualité Prix.

[ 3BV / Total Clicks ]

Purpose is to measure efficiency. A 3BV 50 Intermediate game completed in 50 clicks has an IOE of 1.00. It is possible to be more efficient than 1.00 by using chording. The full title is Index of Efficiency and the factors of IOE are Correctness and Throughput.

[ Effective Clicks / Total Clicks ]

Purpose is to measure percentage of effective clicks. Effective means the click changed the state of the board. Another statistic is CeS which is effective clicks per second.

[ 3BV / Effective Clicks ]

Purpose is to measure the effectiveness of useful clicks. For example, if you solve a 3BV 50 Intermediate game in 85 clicks but only 62 clicks change the state of the board so your Throughput is 0.81.


Purpose is to measure board difficulty for players who use flags. This is difficult to calculate because the most efficient way to solve a board depends on your starting position (or requires perfect knowledge of the board in advance). The three versions are Greedy ZiNi (ZiNi), Random ZiNi and Human ZiNi. All three are algorithms for finding the solution to the board with the fewest clicks. Additional statistics have been proposed for Flaggers such as ZiNi/s (instead of 3BV/s), ZNE (instead of IOE) and ZNT (instead of Throughput).