Website Updates

Latest Updates

2021-06-07The 'Historical World Ranking' is now available. The official ranking starts in 2000 but the database goes back to 1992-07-22. The ranking has 20 million rows and required 2 weeks of work to fix code and make it run quickly.
2021-05-31Spent 6h creating a new admin tool to read videos and detect cheating.
2021-05-26Reviewed and updated code for all video parsers used on the site to read video information. Wrote a new parser for FreeSweeper.
2021-05-18Uploaded 247 scores from 72 players from 1997-2000 from old sites (Brian Chu Minesweeper Tips, Alex Perel Hall of Fame). Added 22 players and 65 more scores from old Usenet posts.
2021-05-15Uploaded 358 scores from 152 players from 1992-1999 from old Usenet posts.
2021-05-03Archived another site ( and added 2 research papers. Updated the strategy article.
2021-05-01Finished archiving old versions of Authoritative Minesweeper from 2020, 2007, 2004, 2001 and 2000. Reviewed scores submitted to the original Expert World Ranking (1997) and Unofficial Site (1997) and added 200 players and 350 scores to the database. When I originally started the site I did not copy scores from competing websites.
2021-04-18Last 2 weeks upgrading then migrating the English and German Wikis to msgame.
2021-03-15Downloads section now has 113 games. Added 2 more math papers.
2021-02-24Deleted 176 duplicate scores. Wrote tool to analyse clicks in videos. Uploaded more games to downloads which now has 88 games.
2021-02-11Added IOE world rankings.
2021-01-17Another week finding then playing and reviewing old games. Now have 42 minesweeper games for DOS which is triple the largest collection elsewhere.
2021-01-12Finished updating 24 DOS and Windows games into the games database.
2021-01-10Spent 3 weeks researching old minesweeper games and updating the downloads section.
2021-01-08Archived 50 more pages for one dead site and added 5 new games to downloads.
2021-01-05Updated profile template and created database and templates for download pages.
2021-01-02Improved arbiter ranking code and updated cheat pages
2020-12-31"Updated menu to include a more obvious ""log In"" link and created the ""update"" page."
2020-12-31Fixed issue with arbiter history files caused by checksums not being unique.
2020-12-31Replaced dead and links in Forum with and
2020-12-30Created new homepage.
2020-12-30Created a discord channel and fixed issue with member login sessions.
2020-12-26Launched new site at

New Website

The new site took more than a year to develop and implement:

  • New server with up to date security and software.
  • PHP and HTML code rewritten to comply with modern standards.
  • Designed site and all pages to work on mobile phones.
  • New database with all historical scores reviewed and classified.
  • Scores from two dozen cheaters identified and removed from rankings.
  • Wrote new versions of RAW tools with videos automatically parsed on upload.
  • Wrote tool to parse and upload Arbiter history files.
  • Wrote new secure code to upload videos and pictures.
  • Deleted thousands of inactive and fake accounts.
  • Deleted excess personal data and introduced privacy controls.
  • New math section with more than 60 published papers.
  • New website section with more than 35 archived sites.
  • New cheats section with more than 20 cheats.