Minesweeper School Papers

This is a collection of the best Minesweeper projects and papers written at school.

Minesweeper: Redeux (2001)
Undergraduate Term Paper (University of Notre Dame)

Pohlman and Doty explain how they programmed a Windows version of Minesweeper for CSE331.

The P Vs NP Problem, NP Completeness, and Minesweeper (2003)
Undergraduate Term Paper (Rutgers University)

Justin Palumbo summarises Kaye's famous "Minesweeper is NP-complete" paper.

Graphical Models for Minesweeper Project Report (2007)
Undergraduate Project Report (Australian National University)

Kamenetsky and Teo develop two solving strategies using clique inference and compare these against three existing strategies (single point, equation strategy, constraint satisfaction) using Ramsdell's PGMS solver (1995). Highest win rates were 85.70% for Beginner using equation strategy and 39.20% for Expert using CSP. However, the authors appear to have used a Linux version that guarantees openings on the first click so these results cannot be compared to other papers.

Minesweeper Solver (2011)
Undergraduate Term Paper (Mannheim University)

Marina Maznikova writes a simple solver to test five solving strategies on Intermediate boards.

Training a Minesweeper Solver (2015)
Undergraduate Class Paper (Standford University)

Students investigate four strategies for solving a 4x4 grid. The classification, linear regression and Q-learning models performed well but scaled poorly, in contrast to the CSP model which scaled effectively to larger grid sizes when mine density was held constant.

NP-Completeness Theory Implementations in Minesweeper Problems (2015)
Undergraduate Term Paper (Institut Teknologi Bandung)

Thea Olivia implements a javascript solver using a flood-fill algorithm.

Reinforcement Learning For Constraint Satisfaction Game Agents (2020)
Highschool assignment (Cupertino High School)

Mehta explores reinforcement learning using Q-Learning to test solving techniques for Minesweeper and three other games.